Jimin Park

My Digital Footprint

Hey nice to meet you! I am a South Korea born country boy at heart, who was educated in Canada, and currently contributing to social benefits in United Kingdom. I’ve been a digital nomad but looking to settle down with this website.

Birth Year: 1984

Discord: Kurdiez#6222

This website is about sharing my life stories and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. These are strictly my own experiences and subjective views on various different things so you should take them for what they are.

I guess one of the smart decisions I’ve made in my life was owning this jiminpark.com domain. As a teenage boy during the Dot-com Bubble, I searched to see if the domain with my name was still available. When I found out that out of the thousands of people who shared the same name with me in Korea (and believe me, there are thousands of Jimin Park’s), it had never crossed any one of their minds to purchase this domain yet, I was absolutely exhilarated. I just could not stop myself from committing my first serious financial crime and that was to use my mother’s credit card and purchase the domain behind her back. I still remember pausing for a moment during the payment process not because I was guilty or anything but because I thought to myself 1 year is too short so I dragged that dropdown to 10 years. ‘I would probably have a job and be able to keep on renewing the ownership by then?’

Fast forward about 20 years, life got in the way and I completely forgot about this domain except for that one time I had to renew the ownership for another 10 years. Then in the recent years, I started getting these email notifications of the sudden spike in visitors traffic to this domain. Some even inquired about buying the domain from me for a handsome price. I suspect this was largely contributed to the popular K-Pop boy band called BTS and one of its members was none other than Jimin Park. Then I stumbled upon a great idea! Maybe BTS Jimin himself will reach out to me and buy the domain for at least half million dollars or more! … Nah, I thought this was a great opportunity to catch any unsuspecting people on the Internet off guard and waste 20 mins of their lives that they will never get back reading these random paragraphs. To tell you the truth, after living about half of my life span, I got a mid-life crisis and decided to do something meaningful with my life by giving general life advices to people. (This is when I start sounding like a car dealership sales person) If you are seeking the best advice that will solve a lot of your life problems, this is your lucky day! … Yeah… No… I’m probably gonna repeat the same advices you’ve all heard a million times before so just skim through and move on if they don’t interest you. But if there is any chance that YOU might just need that oppa, hyung or … even an uncle who tells you the exact same things but it hits you in the feels, I just want to say this.